Gunnison Vault Restroom

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Barn Wood

Barnwood Walls in Java Brown
Cedar Shake Roof in Malibu Taupe

Split Face Block Walls in Sand Beige
Cedar Shake Roof in Toasted Almond


single flush fully accessible building


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The Gunnison is a single vault toilet building designed with a 60” turning radius within the toilet room. The turning radius is measured exclusive of all fixtures, walls and door. The Gunnison comes with a single 1,000 gallon vault to hold the waste.

The Gunnison is engineered and designed for long-life in extreme conditions. The building meets or exceeds the effects of a seismic design category E earthquake, a 150-mph wind load and a 350-pound per square foot snow load.

The Gunnison is extremely easy to maintain. With our steel reinforced 5,000 psi concrete construction, the building and vault will not rot, rust or burn. The building’s interior is primed and painted with white paint to reflect natural light from the Lexan windows mounted in heavy steel frames cast into the walls. Cleaning of the building’s interior is easily accomplished with a brush and warm soapy water. The walls and roof structure are made with “colored thru concrete”, which are spray coated with an exterior stain, followed by an anti- graffiti sealer.

The waste collecting vault is installed below ground level and is made of 4” thick reinforced concrete. The dimension of the vault unit matches the perimeter of the building, providing a stable footing structure which supports the full weight of the building. The vault can hold up to 1,000 gallons of waste, or 15,000 uses, and is sloped, so that waste will drain to the clean out end of the vault. The vault is lined with a black ABS plastic liner which is cast into the side walls of the concrete vault by way of dovetail embeds.

Sweet Smelling Technology:
The building is designed with sweet smelling technology in mind. A black plastic vent pipe, located on the back side of the building, always faces south. When heated by the sun, the pipe creates a continual air flow through louvered vents located in the building near the floor. The air flows down the riser, through the vault, and finally, up and out of the vent pipe. The positive continual air flow carries the vault air out through the vent pipe, not through the building.

Quality and Value:
Because of our two state-of-the-art, 120,000 square foot production facilities, CXT can produce consistently higher quality buildings at a lower cost to meet the needs of city, county, state and federal agencies.

We at CXT take pride in our craftsmanship and are ready to provide you with our legendary customer service. See why we say, “Once you buy a CXT produced building you will never purchase anything else.”

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